Thursday, December 2, 2010

color palette inspiration - navy blue and rusty orange

Navy blue and orange have both been incredibly popular wedding colors this year - but typically as accent colors, not the main color.  I have seen wedding color palettes of navy blue paired with yellow, navy blue with lime green, navy blue with pale pink, and several other combinations.  Orange has been popular alongside shades of purple (especially deep purple), shades of pink, tiffany blue, etc.  But I haven't seen many weddings that let these two take center stage and combine navy blue with orange.  And I think it would be stunning!  Especially navy blue with a rusty or burnt orange.

This color combination would be excellent for a summer wedding - emphasis on the bright orange hues, a fall wedding (orange and red tones are always good for fall), or a winter wedding - more blue, with the orange/red tones as a nice accent.

So here are some pictures to inspire you!  I typically focus my inspiration boards on floral elements, but I couldn't help but sneak in some shoes (I'm a total sucker for shoes!) that gorgeous Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress, and some other fun wedding elements.

I love love love that gorgeous rust-colored lily.  And of course I always love orchids!  And that rose is one of my absolute favorite colors of roses.  Basically, I just really love this color palette.  Maybe this will inspire some future bride out there and I'll get to do a wedding with this color combo!

Image credits: flower pictures from or, dresses from Alfred Angelo, shoes from, and cake from