Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fall flowers and a pumpkin

I had the opportunity to work on some fall-themed florals recently for a dinner at my church.  It was lots of fun, and I love fall colors!  Plus, I got to use a pumpkin!  I've been wanting to do an arrangement like this for a while, but well, you just can't do this any time of year but fall!  And, as long as I had the flowers, I did a little bouquet as well.

A fall color bouquet wrapped in twine

Fall color flowers and curly willow in a pumpkin 

A close up of the flowers - yellow alstromeria, mums, and asters, orange daisies and asters, and burgundy carnations 

Happy Fall everyone!

Monday, August 8, 2011

floating roses - an elegant white wedding

Elegant and classy, but with a unique twist.  So many weddings have round tables, so it was fun to do long tables - they allow for a different style and a little more room.  Instead of just one centerpiece, we went with a row of centerpieces down the length of the table.  And those of you thinking "yeah, but that would totally blow my budget! I can't afford more than one centerpiece per table!" - definitely not the case here.  Each vase had only a single flower in it - a large white garden rose floating on top of the water.  We did mix it up a bit so some tables had a taller centerpiece in the middle, but the tables with only the floating roses looked just as lovely.  And the little glass votives, lace tablecloths, and delicate china gave it an even more romantic feeling.

A row of full white roses floating in glass vases

The taller centerpiece was actually on a glass cake stand - white roses, some greenery, and a taller candle in the middle

Monday, August 1, 2011

Retro Wildflower Themed Shoot

Here are just a few of the pictures from the awesome shoot I worked on a few weeks ago.  Thanks April from Bladh Photography for the gorgeous photos!  They were going for a very retro/vintage look, with the flowers looking very natural and organic, so we used some wildflowers, and some things you might find growing in your own garden.  We also used mason jars and some vintage looking vases and pitchers to hold the flowers and tie it all together.  Enjoy!

Photography: Bladh Photography
Makeup: Shanda Palmer with Fase It Makeup
Cotton Candy: Candy Clouds

For more of this fun shoot, check out Bladh Photography's blog post 
For more pictures just of the flowers, go to my previous blog post

Thursday, July 21, 2011

blue, white, and silver wedding flowers

I recently got some of the beautiful photographs from the wonderfully talented Jessie Alexis Photography from this June wedding.  Enjoy!
I think this one of the bride is my favorite.  Also, I absolutely love love love her dress!!

And here are a few from her gorgeous bridal session.

Thanks again, Jessie, for the beautiful photos!  To see more of her wonderful work, click here.
You can also take a look at my previous posts from this wedding and bridal session.

Friday, July 15, 2011

white and gray wedding flowers

I had the wonderful opportunity to do the wedding party flowers for a lovely wedding this weekend.  I actually never got to meet the bride - she lives in Australia, but got married here, and we did all of the planning over the phone and email.  And when I delivered the flowers, I met her sister.  So I'm hoping to get some pictures from the photographer so I can see 1) how the wedding all turned out and 2) what this lovely bride looks like!

But until then, I'm happy to share some pictures I got of the flowers.  She wanted to stay simple and traditional, so we went with all white flowers - roses, tulips, lilies, and freesia - and some greenery.  I really like how elegant all white wedding bouquets can be.

The bride's bouquet (center) with the bridesmaids' bouquets on either side

All of the boutonnieres and mothers' corsages.  I didn't have time to take individual pictures... but you get the idea.  White roses with greenery and either some baby's breath or freesia.

The bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets - white roses, tulips, lilies (in the bride's) and freesia.  The bride's had a gray wrap, the bridesmaids' a white wrap, with pearl pins.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

garden and wildflower themed florals

I had the wonderful opportunity of working with April from Bladh Photography on a fantastic shoot this week.  It was a very organic, vintage, styled shoot, so we used  a lot of wildflowers and flowers you'd find in the garden (I even snuck in some herbs from my herb garden!).  I can't wait to see April's pictures, which will not only be infinitely better than mine, but actually be from the shoot.  These are just a few I managed to snap on my own.  You'll get to see the full shoot soon - including beautiful vintage furniture pieces, mason jars filled with wildflowers hanging from trees,  a gorgeous couple, and lots of fun!

So enjoy these for now, and look forward to more coming soon!

I adore these little white vases.  I have a pair of them, and want to use them for everything!  Plus, they matched a vintage white porcelain pitcher we used in the shoot as well.

The bouquet - a very organic, wildflower look, hand tied with sage fabric, some bits of netting like you would find on a cage veil, and some twine.  We used daisies, peonies, garden roses, wild mustard, columbines, and several other garden flowers. 

Another shot of the bouquet - a pewter locket is tied on with twine around the stems.  Personal accents like brooches, lockets, keys, bits of lace from the bride's dress (or her mother's/grandmother's) are a great way to add a little something extra to a bouquet, or to tie in themes or other elements from the wedding.

Peonies, daisies, and some wildflowers fill one of many mason jars used to set the scene for the shoot.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

silver, blue, and white wedding

Here are a few of the pictures I got from this beautiful wedding.  The colors were silver, Tiffany blue, and white, and the bride wanted a kind of soft, vintage style.  Her dress was covered in lace, and we wanted the flowers to mimic that look and feel.  To do this, we used peonies, roses, ranunculus, and hydrangea.  We also used some silver leaves in the boutonnieres, and a silver and pearl brooch on the bride's bouquet to tie in the silver and the vintage look.

The bride's bouquet - white peonies, ranunculus, and roses with blue hydrangea, a Tiffany blue ribbon, and silver and pearl brooch fastener 

Another shot of the bride's bouquet.  You can see one of the gorgeous peonies better in this shot.  I love the full, ruffly blooms!

The boutonnieres were all white roses, ranunculus buds, silver leaves, and Tiffany blue ribbon 

One of the bridesmaid bouquets - white peonies, ranunculus, and roses

The toss bouquet - a miniature version of the bride's bouquet

I'm really sad I forgot to get a picture of the mothers' corsages, which I thought turned out beautifully.  They were white peonies with silver leaves and blue ribbon.  Hopefully I'll get some pictures from the photographer of those (well, and everything else, because the professionals get much better pictures than me!)

Check out my post from the bridal session here, or the photographer's blog post from the bridal session (with much more amazing pictures!) here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

gorgeous bridal session

I just saw the blog post for the bridal session with the blue hydrangea bouquet (see this post  of mine).  And it is absolutely gorgeous!  So check out some of the stunning pictures from the very talented Jessie Alexis Photography here:  http://jaephotography.blogspot.com

The pictures were taken at Thanksgiving Point - a gorgeous garden location that Utah brides should definitely consider for their pictures. 

Oh my goodness, I love a good garden photo shoot, especially with the beautiful evening sunlight.  Really, I love everything about these photos.  So beautiful!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

cream and apple green wedding

Oh my goodness this wedding turned into a nightmare!!  Not any fault of the bride and groom - they were wonderful to work with - just everything seemed to be going wrong.  From flowers dying inexplicably, to vases breaking, to construction traffic making it take four times as long as normal to get places, to my camera dying so I couldn't take any good pictures... oh, it was a long and stressful day!
I just hope the day went better for the bride and groom!!
But in spite of everything, I think the flowers still turned out beautifully.  I'll post the few pictures I got (some kind of gross because I took them on my phone - my camera died, remember?) And hopefully soon I'll get some pictures from the photographer that will be infinitely better than these.  But it should give you a little taste of this wedding.

The bride's bouquet - cream and green roses with white ranunculus and green hypericum berries

The groom's boutonniere - a cream rose with green hypericum berries

The wedding party flowers - a bit blurry I know... Cream roses and green berries for the women, green roses and berries for the men.  I didn't get a good picture of the maid of honor's bouquet...

The centerpiece for the head table

Green hydrangea and curly willow centerpiece

White hydrangea, curly willow, and green berries centerpiece

The flowers for the top of the cake - I didn't get a picture of them on the cake because it wasn't ready to assemble when I left.  I really really hope I get a good cake picture from the photographer!!

Definitely not the greatest picture, but you can see more of the finished result - half the tables had the hydrangea centerpieces, the other half had short round vases with green roses, and curly willow down inside the vase.

For some beautiful pictures of the flowers for their "groomal" session, check out the "sneak peek" post from a few weeks ago.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

blue hydrangea bouquet

This was the bouquet for a bridal photo session this past week.  The wedding is coming up in about a month.  I love the simple but elegant color palette of blue, white, and silver.

We went with a blue hydrangea bouquet for the photo session, with a little silver and pearl brooch.

Not the greatest angle of the bouquet, but I love the blue hydrangea against the blue sky 


For the wedding, we're going with a more multi-texture design - so look forward to pictures of that in about a month!