Thursday, December 2, 2010

color palette inspiration - navy blue and rusty orange

Navy blue and orange have both been incredibly popular wedding colors this year - but typically as accent colors, not the main color.  I have seen wedding color palettes of navy blue paired with yellow, navy blue with lime green, navy blue with pale pink, and several other combinations.  Orange has been popular alongside shades of purple (especially deep purple), shades of pink, tiffany blue, etc.  But I haven't seen many weddings that let these two take center stage and combine navy blue with orange.  And I think it would be stunning!  Especially navy blue with a rusty or burnt orange.

This color combination would be excellent for a summer wedding - emphasis on the bright orange hues, a fall wedding (orange and red tones are always good for fall), or a winter wedding - more blue, with the orange/red tones as a nice accent.

So here are some pictures to inspire you!  I typically focus my inspiration boards on floral elements, but I couldn't help but sneak in some shoes (I'm a total sucker for shoes!) that gorgeous Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress, and some other fun wedding elements.

I love love love that gorgeous rust-colored lily.  And of course I always love orchids!  And that rose is one of my absolute favorite colors of roses.  Basically, I just really love this color palette.  Maybe this will inspire some future bride out there and I'll get to do a wedding with this color combo!

Image credits: flower pictures from or, dresses from Alfred Angelo, shoes from, and cake from

Friday, November 19, 2010

some more purple green and turquoise flowers

The photographer from one of my October weddings recently sent me some of the fantastic photos she took, so I wanted to share them!

 The happy couple!  Congratulations!
The bride's nephew - so adorable!  There was another picture where he was holding the bouquet.  Too cute!

Special thanks to Jill at JTB photo for the wonderful pictures!

Check out my previous post from this wedding here.

Monday, October 25, 2010

yellow and navy blue wedding

In planning and designing for this wedding, the bride's main goal/vision was "keep it simple."   The colors were yellow and navy blue, so we did all yellow flowers with navy blue ribbon.  The only other requirements from the bride were no roses, and no sunflowers.

So we went with yellow dahlias and tulips as the main flowers, with yellow freesia, lilies, and fuji mums to go along with them.

The groom's boutonniere - a yellow dahlia with navy blue ribbon

 All of bridal party men's yellow boutonnieres

Yellow freesia boutonniere with navy blue ribbon

 Yellow freesia pin-on corsage with navy blue ribbon for one of the mothers

It was fun to do a monochromatic bouquet - not many brides are going for that look right now, so I haven't done one in a while.  But since it was all one color, I got to play around with different textures and shapes to make the bouquet have depth and interest.  Honestly, I don't really love any of the pictures I got of the bouquet, so I promise I'll post better ones when I get them from the photographer!
Bride's bouquet - yellow lilies, dahlias, freesia, fuji mums, and tulips with a navy blue ribbon wrap

We bounced around several different centerpiece ideas, but in keeping with the bride's mantra of "keep it simple" we eventually decided on just yellow tulips with some lily grass.  Simple, but elegant and beautiful.

The reception was at Le Chateau in Provo.  What a gorgeous venue!  It also has a dance floor, which I love, and a beautiful fountain.  

I had to include the beautiful cake!  I can't take credit for this since I did not actually arrange the flowers on the cake, just provided them for the cake ladies and they worked their magic.  But it was just so pretty I wanted to post a picture!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Purple Green and Turquoise Wedding

Here are a few pictures from my October Wedding #2!  The colors were dark purple, lime green, and turquoise, with dark purple as the main color and the other two as accents.

There were a few semi-disasters with this wedding - when I went to pick up the flowers, the dahlias were much more burgundy than they were purple (even though I had specifically discussed with the wholesaler that I needed purple, not burgundy...) and then there weren't any green or turquoise orchids, so I went to some other places, and eventually got some purple orchids, which were actually more magenta than purple... but such is the nature of working with a product over which you have no control!  In the end, I actually loved the color scheme - all of the shades of purples complemented each other very well.  It just wasn't actually all the shade of purple the bride had specified...

But again, I thought it turned into something really quite beautiful - see for yourself! (Although in some of the pictures the colors are a bit off, in spite of my amateur attempts at color correction.  Better pictures from the actual photographer coming soon!)

 Bride's bouquet - purple lisianthus, purple (burgundy) dahlias, purple dendrobium orchids, green roses, green coxcomb, peacock feathers, and a purple ribbon wrap.
(For some reason in these pictures the dahlias look even more red than they actually were, the orchids look more pink, and the ribbon looks more blue... strange.)

Close-up of the bride's bouquet

A few close-up details:

Green rose boutonniere for one of the fathers

Purple lisianthus and peacock feather boutonniere for the groom

Green rose, purple orchid, and peacock feather corsage for one of the mothers

Centerpiece in an Eiffel Tower vase with purple orchids and lisianthus and peacock feathers

a few more from the fall vintage wedding

Since this wedding was in Arizona, and the bride and groom would be transporting all of the flowers with them down there, I decided to label everything for them so they could keep track of what was what, especially if a friend/family member got put in charge of distributing flowers.  And I think it turned out really cute, so I took some pictures.

The tags were just tied on with black ribbon which could be easily slipped off.

To see more from this wedding, check out the previous post.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Vintage wedding

So here are some pictures from my first October wedding - the one with the silk flowers.  After searching far and wide (okay, not that far and wide... but several visits to several stores in the area) I was able to find all the flowers I needed for this wedding.  I especially loved the dark purple roses.  New favorite.

The bride was looking for a fall vintage feel, based around green hydrangeas with accents of white, dark violet, mustard yellow, and pewter.  Her dress was lace with pearls, so I added some pearl accents as well.  The big roses and green hydrangeas, as well as the general color palette, add to the vintage feel.  And the bride also loves dark purple calla lilies (as do I) so we combined all of these elements into something that I think turned out lovely.  Enjoy!

The bride's bouquet - green hydrangea with white and purple (eggplant) calla lilies, yellow ranunculus, and a pewter ribbon with pearl pins

 The bridesmaid bouquets - green hydrangea with dark purple roses, white calla lilies, yellow ranunculus, and pewter ribbon with pearl pins

The flower girl pomander ball - purple roses and green hydrangea

Toss bouquet - darker green hydrangea with white calla lilies and yellow ranunculus

Groomsman boutonniere - white calla lily with pewter ribbon

And a centerpiece - green hydrangeas and purple roses clustered at the neck of the vase with white calla lilies and willow to give some height

One down, two to go this month!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

preview of what's coming

So I've definitely been slacking on keeping up on the blogging.  But I have three weddings in the next three weeks, so I promise new pictures and posts will be forthcoming.  I'm really excited for these October weddings - the brides are all fun to work with, and have really interesting and unique color pallets and themes.  So here are some pictures to show the inspiration and ideas behind these upcoming weddings:

October Wedding 1:  I'm excited for this wedding because it's giving me an opportunity to do something I don't normally get to do: use silk flowers!  The wedding isn't here in Utah, and the wedding and reception are several days apart, so they decided silk would be the best option for them.  This is a good idea for planning brides to keep in mind if you are having multiple receptions or not having the wedding and reception on the same day.
The colors for the wedding are dark violet, mustard yellow, pale green, and pewter, with a vintage fall look.

October Wedding 2:  
This wedding is based around vibrant jewel tones - purple, turquoise, and green.  It will beautiful and bright!

October Wedding 3:  
The colors for this wedding are yellow and navy blue.  We're going for a monochromatic but multi-textured look with the flowers.  This bride had two requirements for her flowers: no roses, and and no sunflowers!  It'll be fun to do a fall yellow wedding without sunflowers.

So with all these weddings coming up in the next few weeks, be expecting lots of pictures!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hot pink and lime green flowers

Talk about bright summer colors!  Hot pink stock and godetia with kermit mums bring a big splash of color.  Simple, but very fun.

hot pink and lime green bouquet with hot pink ribbon


pin-on corsage

centerpieces in bud vases - alternating designs down the middle of a long (buffet type) table - a fun alternative to typical round tables

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

yellow and white wedding

This was the first wedding I did since having my baby, and it was so fun to be designing again!  The bride was really easy-going and wonderful to work with.  And she made her own wedding dress, which is incredibly impressive!  I'm bummed that the only picture I got of her and the groom turned out blurry... hopefully I'll get some from the photographer soon.

The colors were black and white and yellow, so we went with a mixture of white and yellow flowers with some black accents in the ribbon.  We definitely wanted to avoid looking like a bumble bee, and I think we pulled it off, keeping it beautiful and elegant.

The bride's bouquet - yellow and white roses and calla lilies, with some freesia and lisianthus, and a yellow and black ballet wrap

The groom's boutonniere - a yellow calla lily

The boutonnieres for the fathers - white roses with solidago

The mother's pin-on corsages - yellow spray roses and solidago

The toss bouquet - a smaller version of the bride's bouquet, with white and yellow roses, calla lilies, freesia, and lisianthus

And last (and probably least because I did a terrible job on this photo!) is the aforementioned blurry picture of the happy couple.  I couldn't help but include it because they look so happy even through the blur.  Congratulations!