Monday, October 25, 2010

yellow and navy blue wedding

In planning and designing for this wedding, the bride's main goal/vision was "keep it simple."   The colors were yellow and navy blue, so we did all yellow flowers with navy blue ribbon.  The only other requirements from the bride were no roses, and no sunflowers.

So we went with yellow dahlias and tulips as the main flowers, with yellow freesia, lilies, and fuji mums to go along with them.

The groom's boutonniere - a yellow dahlia with navy blue ribbon

 All of bridal party men's yellow boutonnieres

Yellow freesia boutonniere with navy blue ribbon

 Yellow freesia pin-on corsage with navy blue ribbon for one of the mothers

It was fun to do a monochromatic bouquet - not many brides are going for that look right now, so I haven't done one in a while.  But since it was all one color, I got to play around with different textures and shapes to make the bouquet have depth and interest.  Honestly, I don't really love any of the pictures I got of the bouquet, so I promise I'll post better ones when I get them from the photographer!
Bride's bouquet - yellow lilies, dahlias, freesia, fuji mums, and tulips with a navy blue ribbon wrap

We bounced around several different centerpiece ideas, but in keeping with the bride's mantra of "keep it simple" we eventually decided on just yellow tulips with some lily grass.  Simple, but elegant and beautiful.

The reception was at Le Chateau in Provo.  What a gorgeous venue!  It also has a dance floor, which I love, and a beautiful fountain.  

I had to include the beautiful cake!  I can't take credit for this since I did not actually arrange the flowers on the cake, just provided them for the cake ladies and they worked their magic.  But it was just so pretty I wanted to post a picture!

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