Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Vintage wedding

So here are some pictures from my first October wedding - the one with the silk flowers.  After searching far and wide (okay, not that far and wide... but several visits to several stores in the area) I was able to find all the flowers I needed for this wedding.  I especially loved the dark purple roses.  New favorite.

The bride was looking for a fall vintage feel, based around green hydrangeas with accents of white, dark violet, mustard yellow, and pewter.  Her dress was lace with pearls, so I added some pearl accents as well.  The big roses and green hydrangeas, as well as the general color palette, add to the vintage feel.  And the bride also loves dark purple calla lilies (as do I) so we combined all of these elements into something that I think turned out lovely.  Enjoy!

The bride's bouquet - green hydrangea with white and purple (eggplant) calla lilies, yellow ranunculus, and a pewter ribbon with pearl pins

 The bridesmaid bouquets - green hydrangea with dark purple roses, white calla lilies, yellow ranunculus, and pewter ribbon with pearl pins

The flower girl pomander ball - purple roses and green hydrangea

Toss bouquet - darker green hydrangea with white calla lilies and yellow ranunculus

Groomsman boutonniere - white calla lily with pewter ribbon

And a centerpiece - green hydrangeas and purple roses clustered at the neck of the vase with white calla lilies and willow to give some height

One down, two to go this month!