Thursday, September 30, 2010

preview of what's coming

So I've definitely been slacking on keeping up on the blogging.  But I have three weddings in the next three weeks, so I promise new pictures and posts will be forthcoming.  I'm really excited for these October weddings - the brides are all fun to work with, and have really interesting and unique color pallets and themes.  So here are some pictures to show the inspiration and ideas behind these upcoming weddings:

October Wedding 1:  I'm excited for this wedding because it's giving me an opportunity to do something I don't normally get to do: use silk flowers!  The wedding isn't here in Utah, and the wedding and reception are several days apart, so they decided silk would be the best option for them.  This is a good idea for planning brides to keep in mind if you are having multiple receptions or not having the wedding and reception on the same day.
The colors for the wedding are dark violet, mustard yellow, pale green, and pewter, with a vintage fall look.

October Wedding 2:  
This wedding is based around vibrant jewel tones - purple, turquoise, and green.  It will beautiful and bright!

October Wedding 3:  
The colors for this wedding are yellow and navy blue.  We're going for a monochromatic but multi-textured look with the flowers.  This bride had two requirements for her flowers: no roses, and and no sunflowers!  It'll be fun to do a fall yellow wedding without sunflowers.

So with all these weddings coming up in the next few weeks, be expecting lots of pictures!

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