Thursday, February 18, 2010

under the deep blue

So I was watching Planet Earth, and watching the sections on the ocean, especially the coral reefs, got me thinking about recreating that same vibrant, beautiful feel with flowers rather than aquatic plants and animals.  Here are a few pictures of my inspiration:

I haven't actually had a chance (or reason) to make any arrangements inspired by this, but here are some of the flowers I might want to use when I do get the chance:

And maybe some day I'll actually get to see some of those amazing coral reefs for real!  Anyone getting married somewhere tropical and want me to come do the flowers?  :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

delphiniums, cornflowers, and more blue!

Still on a blue kick... plus, I really love winter weddings that use cool blues.  And one of my cousins is helping plan a wedding for which one of the colors is blue, so here's a little inspiration.
These are delphiniums.  One of my favorites!  They come in shades of blue from a very pale sky blue all the way to a dark almost purple blue.  They're great if you want to add height to centerpieces or other arrangements.  Or you can take individual blossoms for bouts and corsages.  I love the unique trumpet-shaped flowers - some say they look like dolphins (hence the name).

This corsage, also seen a few posts ago, combines some delphinium blossoms with bright blue cornflowers.

I absolutely love these little blossoms!  Tweedia come in a fun shade of light blue, and while not really big enough to make an entire bouquet out of them, add some great color and texture.

Blue hydrangea - a classic.  Great for centerpieces, or to fill out a bouquet.

Or if you're looking to make a brighter, bolder statement, consider some blue dendrobium orchids.  But be aware that they don't grow this color - they take the purple and white dendros and dye them to make this bright shade, so you will probably end up with some purple in the petals (as you can see in this picture).  Bu, they're still gorgeous!

Monday, February 1, 2010

blue lemon

In keeping with my blue theme, I wanted to write about a local vendor/location that I totally love: the Blue Lemon Restaurant in Highland, Utah.  I've been to their restaurant several times (so delicious!) and taken some of their cooking classes (so fun!  especially the chocolate one!) and recently discovered that they have a room upstairs that can be used for receptions or other events.  It's got a swanky, modern, fun look, and of course they cater if you have an event there - so you know it will be good!

And, they're committed to using fresh, healthy ingredients.  Plus their desserts always look really pretty.  :)  (check out their site for some mouth-watering pictures)  Even if it's not the look you want for your event, at least go check out the restaurant - maybe for a fun lunch with the girls before the big day!  Yum!