Tuesday, December 29, 2009

merry christmas time!

I was making a wreath to hang on our door for Christmas, and simply couldn't resist the urge to put it on our puppy first.  She was a great (though reluctant and constantly moving) model.  :)  This was before I had finished the wreath too - didn't really want her destroying too much!  Maybe I'll post a finished picture later.

Friday, December 4, 2009

featured wedding on the utah bride blog!

I'm really excited about the fact that a wedding I worked on a few months back is being featured today on the Utah Bride Blog!  It's a great blog that features weddings and vendors around the state, and gives great advice and ideas to Utah brides.  Check out my Flower Friday feature on utahbrideblog.com!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

something old...

For this sign-in table piece, we used a family heirloom vase, bringing in the traditional "something old."  And it matched the wedding colors, so it was perfect!  We also used the dusty pink spray roses in other bouquets and arrangements to tie in the detail on the vase.

So if you're looking for your "something old" or just like that vintage feel, before you start digging through thrift stores, talk to your grandmas or other relatives - that's where this great vase came from!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

a different shade of purple

After the recent surge of weddings featuring dark purple, it was kind of fun to do one in light purple.  Lavender, if you will.  :)  This couple got married about a month ago back east, but had an open house here in Utah this past weekend, and I had the opportunity to make a bouquet and some centerpieces for them.

Here is the bouquet

I used lavender roses and Fuji mums, with white pixies, and white and purple alstro.  The roses kept a traditional feel, but the mums added a little fun, texture, and interest.  It was tied with a silky white ribbon. (you can just barely see it in the bottom corner of the top photo)

Here's the centerpiece for the sign-in table.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

purple callas

Dark purple is a HUGE trend in wedding colors this season.  Apparently I started the trend a year and a half ago when I chose it as the main color for our wedding.  :)  But seriously, ever since then dark purple (eggplant, if you will) has been popping up in more and more weddings.  I have two friends getting married in the next few months who have chosen this color as one of their wedding colors.  And here is one bouquet I did for some bridal portraits about a month ago.

Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous bride.  We kept it fairly simple with the purple callas and cream roses.

I know this last picture doesn't show the flowers really, but I wanted one that showed (at least partially) the wrap - it was a sheer gold overlay on cream, knotted in kind of a ballet-style wrap.

Purple callas are definitely a favorite if you're going with this color scheme, but there are so many gorgeous purple flowers out there to choose from!

These amazing pictures were taken by April Bladh Smith of Bladh Photography.

Friday, October 30, 2009

sunshine on a cloudy day

Since I'm still trying to be in denial of the impending winter (and possible snow today) here is some sunshine to brighten things up!
These are actually wild sunflowers used to fit a more natural, outdoors, wildflower feeling wedding.  It cut costs immensely, but a few cautions:

  1. the selection of flowers is limited by the time of year
  2. they have quite sticky sap, so the stems need to be mostly or completely covered with ribbon or floral tape or something unless you want to be sticky
But it did make for some fun bouquets and arrangements.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a+d = love (and a fabulous wedding!)

This wedding was just so much fun!  The couple was adorable, and everything about their wedding was so unique, and so them.   I'm mostly just showing pictures of the flowers, but for more pictures from this amazing event check out their photographer's blog:  www.christineolsonphotography.blogspot.com  (it's in her august posts).  This wedding was also featured on the Wedding Chicks Blog about a month ago.  They really paid attention to and had fun with details on this wedding - their own "logo" with the a+d,  custom cufflinks (a and d keys from an old typewriter), matching converse for the groomsmen, peacock feathers, polaroid pictures, and an old Model A car for the getaway car!  Fabulous.

Anyway, here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i love fall

So I don't love the sudden cold weather, but I do LOVE the orange and red and gold-sprinkled mountains. And just to celebrate the splendor of fall colors, here are some of my favorite flowers for fall arrangements. 

Happy Fall!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the last of the summer blossoms

I went to visit my mom today, and to to see what is probably the last of the summer blossoms in her garden (especially it might snow up their house this week!  I am not ready for snow yet!)

I love big, full roses like this one!  Plus, these ones smell so good!  I also really love bicolor or multicolor roses - they are just so unique.

Monday, September 28, 2009

pretty in pink

Pink is a very popular color for weddings - but that doesn't mean it's boring or cliche.  There are so many shades of pink, and so many pink flowers, your options are almost endless.

For this bridal party we went with a mixture of dark and light pink.  We stayed fairly traditional with roses, but added a little texture with mini roses, and some variation in color and texture with pink and white tulips and alstroemeria.  (Those can be really fun and add a pop of color - especially since they come in so many varieties and color combinations.  The pink flowers in the post below are alstros too.) 
Here are a few pictures of the bridal party flowers so you can see how it all turned out!
Bridal bouquet - three tones of pink roses, pink tulips, and pink alstroemeria

Bride's bouquet and bridesmaid's bouquet

pink rose boutonniere and pink alstroemeria boutonniere

This picture is just fun - it's been antiqued, so it's harder to see the pinks of the flowers, but it shows the shape and texture, plus it's just a cool picture.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer Color

Since summer seems to be coming to an end (it was so cold this morning!  I'm a wimp...) as the trees all start to change color, I thought I'd hold on to it for just a bit longer with some summer flowers.  The colors were blue, hot pink, and yellow - nice and vibrant for a summer wedding!  We went with more of a wildflower feel to fit a more laid-back, summer picnic theme.

Mother's corsage - blue cornflower and delphinium with yellow solidago and ribbon

Bridesmaid bouquet - yellow solidago and hot pink alstroemeria

Maid of Honor bouquet - blue cornflower and delphinium, hot pink alstroemeria, yellow solidago

Bridal bouquet - blue cornflower and delphinium, hot pink alstroemeria, yellow solidago, with a pink and yellow ballet wrap

Pink alstroemeria and yellow solidago bridesmaid 

And a centerpiece - blue cornflower and delphinium, pink alstroemeria, yellow solidago

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I can't believe I'm doing this...

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows that I have a general and great dislike for blogs... I think too many blogs are simply a boring laundry list of what people do every day, or whiny rants, or teen angst filled with way too many omgs!
But... I finally decided that this might be a good idea to let friends, clients, and anyone else who stumbles across this, know about promotions, events, and general happiness that comes from flowers.  :)

Since I have been doing flowers for a while, and doing this blog for about 10 minutes now, I'll have to catch up.  But since wedding season in Utah is (mostly) on hiatus until the end of the semester, that should give me some time.

I feel like I can't post something without at least posting a picture, so here's one of my favorite bouquets (because it was mine!)  :)  I love orange roses!!  There are some tulips and lilies too, but mostly roses.