Tuesday, November 10, 2009

purple callas

Dark purple is a HUGE trend in wedding colors this season.  Apparently I started the trend a year and a half ago when I chose it as the main color for our wedding.  :)  But seriously, ever since then dark purple (eggplant, if you will) has been popping up in more and more weddings.  I have two friends getting married in the next few months who have chosen this color as one of their wedding colors.  And here is one bouquet I did for some bridal portraits about a month ago.

Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous bride.  We kept it fairly simple with the purple callas and cream roses.

I know this last picture doesn't show the flowers really, but I wanted one that showed (at least partially) the wrap - it was a sheer gold overlay on cream, knotted in kind of a ballet-style wrap.

Purple callas are definitely a favorite if you're going with this color scheme, but there are so many gorgeous purple flowers out there to choose from!

These amazing pictures were taken by April Bladh Smith of Bladh Photography.

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