Tuesday, August 27, 2013

white, coral, and yellow bridal bouquet

I'm so excited to share the bouquet from this bridal session! And even more excited to share the flowers from the wedding - once I've gone through all my pictures.

The colors for this wedding were coral, yellow, and teal, but the bride really likes a traditional look with the flowers, so we added white for her bouquet. Her wedding bouquet was actually all white, but she decided to add a pop of color for the bridal pictures.

She also loves lace, and was using lace in many elements for the wedding (including her gorgeous dress!) so we went with more textured, ruffly flowers - roses, stock, and cremons (similar to a spider mum, but a little softer look) for this bouquet.

And of course I wrapped up the stems with lace, and finished it off with some little pearls. So classic, but still fun with the bright summer colors.

The stock and roses smelled heavenly! I love the combination of bright colors with soft, traditional style. So lovely.

I seriously can't wait to share pictures from the wedding, and pictures from their wonderful photographer!