Monday, May 21, 2012

pink and navy blue

Pink and navy blue are a fabulous color combo.  I just love the bold contrast.  These wedding flowers were various shades of pink, with navy blue and silver accents.

We wanted to go for a soft, ruffly/lacey, feminine look, balanced with the more masculine blue.  Often when you're wanting that ruffly look, you go for flowers like peonies or garden roses, which can be pretty expensive.  But you can still absolutely achieve that look on a tighter budget with less expensive, but still gorgeous, flowers!  The main flowers we used for this event to fit the color and look we wanted were godetia and mini carnations.  (Don't be scared off by the negativity often associated with carnations - mini carns are more delicate looking, and work really well to fill in and add texture and depth!  Plus the godetia are more showy, so the eye is drawn more to them.)

The bride's bouquet was made entirely with godetia.  These beautiful blossoms are light pink around the ruffled edges with dark pink centers.

See what I mead about that ruffly/feminine look?  When they're all clustered together like that, it is simply gorgeous!

And here you can see how even when they are clustered in a bouquet, the beauty of each individual blossom can still be appreciated.  A simple but stunning bride's bouquet.  The wrap of the bouquet was navy blue ribbon with a silver necklace chain as an accent.

And to match the bride, the groom's boutonniere was made with the same pink godetia blossoms, with silver leaves and navy blue ribbon.

The bridesmaids' bouquets were made with godetia and mini carnations in three different shades of pink and white, and a navy blue ribbon wrap.

The different colors of carnations add depth and texture, and mirror the shades of pink in the godetia.

The groomsmen boutonnieres were made with the different shades of carnations, silver leaves, and navy blue ribbon.

 And then we have the centerpieces.  Same flowers, in short round vases tied with tulle and navy blue ribbon.