Thursday, November 14, 2013

fall sunflower bridals

I've gotten way behind on here, but I decided to share a little fall inspiration today from a bridal session I recently did a bouquet for.

This bride loves sunflowers, so those are the basis for all of the florals for the bridals and the wedding (coming up in a couple weeks). We went with a lovely fall palette of deep yellows, cranberry reds, and rusty oranges, with navy blue as an accent.

I absolutely love the combination of the sunflowers with those gorgeous, deep red dahlias. So perfect for fall! And those rusty red roses are add a little elegance and texture, and the color is stunning! There are also some mums and yellow wax flowers too.

A few close-ups for you, with some nice autumn sunlight filtering through the window.

So excited for this wedding! And to see how the bridal session pictures turned out!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lavender roses

A little while back I got an email from a bride whose wedding I did last fall. And she sent me this beautiful photo from the wedding!

So lovely! I love the simple elegance of roses, and the soft lavender color fit the style of the wedding so perfectly. 

I'm sifting through pictures from the rest of my summer weddings, so I'll hopefully share those with you soon!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

white, coral, and yellow bridal bouquet

I'm so excited to share the bouquet from this bridal session! And even more excited to share the flowers from the wedding - once I've gone through all my pictures.

The colors for this wedding were coral, yellow, and teal, but the bride really likes a traditional look with the flowers, so we added white for her bouquet. Her wedding bouquet was actually all white, but she decided to add a pop of color for the bridal pictures.

She also loves lace, and was using lace in many elements for the wedding (including her gorgeous dress!) so we went with more textured, ruffly flowers - roses, stock, and cremons (similar to a spider mum, but a little softer look) for this bouquet.

And of course I wrapped up the stems with lace, and finished it off with some little pearls. So classic, but still fun with the bright summer colors.

The stock and roses smelled heavenly! I love the combination of bright colors with soft, traditional style. So lovely.

I seriously can't wait to share pictures from the wedding, and pictures from their wonderful photographer!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

bright summer wedding flowers

Occasionally I have a bride who is coming in from out of town to get married, and so we communicate through phone calls and emails and never actually meet face to face. That was the case with this wedding, although I felt like I got to know a little bit of her personality through planning her wedding flowers with her.

She wanted a very bright, summery color palette, which was a lot of fun! It certainly made for some quite cheerful arrangements.

Her colors were hot pink, yellow, orange, lime green, and a bright aqua blue. She really liked daisies, so we used yellow daisies throughout all the designs, with orange spray roses, green roses, and pink calla lilies making up the rest of her bouquet, finished off with aqua ribbon.

The flower girl's bouquet was made to mirror the bride's, but with more daisies, and much smaller. I also finished it off with a bow for a little fun, and to match the "junior flower girls" mini bouquets.

Each of the junior flower girls got a mini bouquet with one pink, yellow, and orange daisy tied with an aqua bow. So simple and cute for the little girls to hold!

All of the boutonnieres and corsages had yellow daisies as the main focal flowers. For the groom, we added a little sprig of green berries, and wrapped some aqua ribbon around the stems to tie the colors together.

For the mothers' corsages we added a little more femininity with a few orange spray roses, and an aqua bow.

And just a couple more shots of the bouquets because I love this bright palette.

Happy Summer! And congratulations to the bride and groom!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

white, yellow, navy blue, and green wedding

I've gotten a bit behind on posting lately... But I'm excited to share one of my spring weddings today! The colors were white, yellow, navy blue, and green. It was a fun, bright color combo, with a fun, garden-party feel. We used navy and white striped ribbon for the bride's bouquet, and it really just brought the colors and style together nicely.

The bride wanted a more traditional white bouquet, so we used white roses, gerbera daisies, and little white "daisies" (asters) with the little green berries, and the blue striped ribbon to finish it off. The all white and roses kept it really classic, while the daisies and ribbon tied it in nicely with the style of the wedding.

I like to keep the bride and groom's flowers sort of matching, so we did a white rose to keep it classic, with the little daisies and berries and swatch of blue ribbon to bring it all together.

We brought in the yellow with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, using yellow roses with the white daisies, along with the little green berries and navy blue ribbon for the bouquets.

There's something about yellow roses that I just love. They're just such happy looking flowers! But still so classic and timeless.

For the mothers' corsages, we used white daisies, green berries, and blue ribbon. 

And for the fathers' we coordinated with the mothers, and did white daisies and green berries.

And I'll leave you with one last picture of this cute bridal bouquet.


Monday, January 28, 2013

red roses

Classic, elegant, timeless. And the quintessential floral symbol of love.

The colors for this wedding were primarily cream and black, but we went for a pop of color with the flowers, using all red roses. It kept the very traditional elegant feel, but added a little contrast and interest.

The bride's bouquet - all red roses with a cream ribbon wrap and pearl pins. So classic!

The groom's boutonniere - a red rose with seeded eucalyptus

The toss bouquet - red roses and seeded eucalyptus for a little extra texture

I didn't get a chance to get any pictures of the rest of the wedding party flowers! I was so bummed! But there were many more boutonnieres and corsages of red roses.

Monday, January 7, 2013

hot pink bridals

It was a lot of fun working on this bridal session. This was a bride who wanted to have fun with her flowers. Her wedding colors were white and turquoise, but she decided her bridal session pictures didn't need to match that, so she went with another color scheme she loved - hot pink!

So we did roses, spray roses, calla lilies, and gerbera daisies all in the brightest shades of pink we could find! It was such a fun pop of color for this winter shoot.

She also wanted a nice big bow and long trailing ribbon, so we used a beautiful sheer sparkly pink ribbon to finish off the bouquet.

The perfect blend of fun and beautiful!

Pictures from her wedding coming soon!

And special thanks to Bladh Photography for the gorgeous pictures!