Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I can't believe I'm doing this...

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows that I have a general and great dislike for blogs... I think too many blogs are simply a boring laundry list of what people do every day, or whiny rants, or teen angst filled with way too many omgs!
But... I finally decided that this might be a good idea to let friends, clients, and anyone else who stumbles across this, know about promotions, events, and general happiness that comes from flowers.  :)

Since I have been doing flowers for a while, and doing this blog for about 10 minutes now, I'll have to catch up.  But since wedding season in Utah is (mostly) on hiatus until the end of the semester, that should give me some time.

I feel like I can't post something without at least posting a picture, so here's one of my favorite bouquets (because it was mine!)  :)  I love orange roses!!  There are some tulips and lilies too, but mostly roses.

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