Monday, February 1, 2010

blue lemon

In keeping with my blue theme, I wanted to write about a local vendor/location that I totally love: the Blue Lemon Restaurant in Highland, Utah.  I've been to their restaurant several times (so delicious!) and taken some of their cooking classes (so fun!  especially the chocolate one!) and recently discovered that they have a room upstairs that can be used for receptions or other events.  It's got a swanky, modern, fun look, and of course they cater if you have an event there - so you know it will be good!

And, they're committed to using fresh, healthy ingredients.  Plus their desserts always look really pretty.  :)  (check out their site for some mouth-watering pictures)  Even if it's not the look you want for your event, at least go check out the restaurant - maybe for a fun lunch with the girls before the big day!  Yum!

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