Friday, October 15, 2010

Purple Green and Turquoise Wedding

Here are a few pictures from my October Wedding #2!  The colors were dark purple, lime green, and turquoise, with dark purple as the main color and the other two as accents.

There were a few semi-disasters with this wedding - when I went to pick up the flowers, the dahlias were much more burgundy than they were purple (even though I had specifically discussed with the wholesaler that I needed purple, not burgundy...) and then there weren't any green or turquoise orchids, so I went to some other places, and eventually got some purple orchids, which were actually more magenta than purple... but such is the nature of working with a product over which you have no control!  In the end, I actually loved the color scheme - all of the shades of purples complemented each other very well.  It just wasn't actually all the shade of purple the bride had specified...

But again, I thought it turned into something really quite beautiful - see for yourself! (Although in some of the pictures the colors are a bit off, in spite of my amateur attempts at color correction.  Better pictures from the actual photographer coming soon!)

 Bride's bouquet - purple lisianthus, purple (burgundy) dahlias, purple dendrobium orchids, green roses, green coxcomb, peacock feathers, and a purple ribbon wrap.
(For some reason in these pictures the dahlias look even more red than they actually were, the orchids look more pink, and the ribbon looks more blue... strange.)

Close-up of the bride's bouquet

A few close-up details:

Green rose boutonniere for one of the fathers

Purple lisianthus and peacock feather boutonniere for the groom

Green rose, purple orchid, and peacock feather corsage for one of the mothers

Centerpiece in an Eiffel Tower vase with purple orchids and lisianthus and peacock feathers

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