Monday, August 8, 2011

floating roses - an elegant white wedding

Elegant and classy, but with a unique twist.  So many weddings have round tables, so it was fun to do long tables - they allow for a different style and a little more room.  Instead of just one centerpiece, we went with a row of centerpieces down the length of the table.  And those of you thinking "yeah, but that would totally blow my budget! I can't afford more than one centerpiece per table!" - definitely not the case here.  Each vase had only a single flower in it - a large white garden rose floating on top of the water.  We did mix it up a bit so some tables had a taller centerpiece in the middle, but the tables with only the floating roses looked just as lovely.  And the little glass votives, lace tablecloths, and delicate china gave it an even more romantic feeling.

A row of full white roses floating in glass vases

The taller centerpiece was actually on a glass cake stand - white roses, some greenery, and a taller candle in the middle

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