Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's flowers

I know roses are the traditional flowers for Valentine's, but sometimes it's fun to branch out and just follow the traditional color scheme of pinks, reds, and sometimes purples.  That's what my dad did this year with the flowers he got for my mom, and of course enlisted my help to arrange them in a vase so they would look good.  (I would post pictures of the flowers my husband got me, but he didn't!  Here's how the conversation always goes - my husband: "But you're a florist, so I never know what flowers to get because you know so much about them and I don't know anything."  Me: "But I'm a florist!  That means I love flowers so you can get me any of them!"  Maybe by our anniversary I'll have him trained...)  :)
Anyway... So I can't take credit for the selection of flowers, only the arrangement, but enjoy. 

I just love close-up shots of flowers.  They make me happy.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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