Tuesday, March 15, 2011

silk flower centerpiece in burgundy, green, and cream

I love interior design - in fact, I briefly contemplated becoming an interior designer, but decided to just keep it as a hobby - so I was delighted when a neighbor asked if I would design something for her home.  She already had the container and many of the flowers, but didn't really know where to go from there.  She wanted something really full and Victorian looking to match the furniture and decor she already has.

A close-up of the flowers - look pretty good for silks, don't you think?  (Yes, I am biased.  I definitely prefer fresh flowers, but for something like this, that doesn't really work.  So the key is finding silks that don't look all super fake!)

These pictures were actually shot at my house, not the house the arrangement was intended for.  I'll have to go see how it looks in its rightful home.

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